Our Story

We are Bondi rockstars, wanderlusters; passionate about our unique Bondi culture. House proud stylists who also love to meet tourists and share our passion and knowledge. Our expertise in hospitality, sales, interiors, experiential events, social media, fashion and travel ensures your guests get an extraordinary experience. Just like you we started with our own home and managing for our friends, you know your Bondi frequent flyer types. Naturally word spread and we realised our unique skill set matched a potential to prosper our neighbourhood by helping our community participate in the share economy.

We have big ideas to help flourish and free our community for the better. We know that by extending our hearts and network we can make big things happen here and create a new world we can all be proud of. We are keen to create a tribe of locals in our Facebook group of freedom travellers who love to share.  A hub for our neighbours and community to invite our overseas friends to join too - to express our thoughts, experiences, concerns, questions and network on anything to do with travel, stays, hosting and so on. We will be posting in this group our tips also covering available homes, great places to see, visit, dine, offers, inspiration on interiors and anything relevant like news articles too. As a community when we share we prosper!

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